• TIE Mobile Version – feedback needed!

    We’re testing out a mobile version of TIE. So get on your mobile device and tell us what you think. It’s not fancy, but we are eager for feedback. Best to tweet it at me at @aaronecarroll. You can also comment, but I won’t respond as fast to that.


    UPDATE: If you hate it, hit the menu button in the upper right, and then choose the “Switch to website” option…

    • Seems like mobile site is offline, or I clicked “full site” and don’t see a way back to mobile. Liked it better than main website when viewing on iPhone although I would have preferred a larger font. Perhaps this could be made a user option.

      Categories index was useful.

      Search would be nice, but there is always Google.

      General comment – I see TIE postings on the web, Facebook, Twitter and the New York Times. Usually comments on the blog are closed. The Facebook page does not appear very active. Twitter is active but often hard to follow. NYT accepts some comments, but these don’t get linked back to TIE. Would be nice to have a more coherent comments/feedback mechanism.

    • itunes app store I cant find it tried TIE spelled it out no help.