These are interesting times

I’ve been immersed in this for so long that I thought I’d seen everything.  But this whole process is beyond belief.

Jennifer Rubin on January 27th, in “Is ObamaCare Dead?”:

So it seems that the doubling-down on ObamaCare crowd exists mostly in the punditocracy. Congress wants to move on. Who knows if this is what Obama “wants.” He is, in a sense, a bystander to the wreckage of his own failed first year. The survivors are walking away from the crash, bruised and battered. Whether he acknowledges this failure tonight remains to be seen. But it matters not at all what he says on the subject. The country has spoken, the Congress is finally listening, and the jig is up. ObamaCare is dead.

I still remember being told it was over.  Dead.  People laughed in my face, which led me to write this.

And yet, today, Intrade has passing health care reform at 81%. Nate Silver puts it at greater than 75%.

Once again, I profess that my understanding of politics is way, way inferior to my understanding of policy.  It may be that when I come to work next week, this may have passed the House.

I’m as stunned as you are.

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