The Ugly Stain of Ageism on Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology is increasingly being used by older adults who wish to age in place (growing old in their own homes) rather than moving to institutional care. However, smart home technology can pose risks when used in ways that minimize independence, autonomy, and dignity. I wrote about this recently for Public Health Post, a publication of Boston University School of Public Health.

Older adults may not welcome indoor cameras or other devices that surveil, even at the behest of loved ones, because they feel comfortable assuming some risk in their homes and maintaining their independence. In contrast, many older adults do choose to install smart home technology that helps them manage their health care or connect with loved ones. The point is that it should be their choice, based on their needs.

Read the whole piece here.

This piece is the third installment in a short series on smart home technology used to age in place. You can find the first piece summarizing this technology here, and a second piece understanding caregivers’ perspectives in using products here

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