• The Supreme Court health care litigation in one chart

    The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is 905 pages long in the official version (124 Stat. 119-1024).The 152 + briefs before the Supreme Court are more than 5 times longer (5320 pages with the conservative assumption of 35 pages per brief).


    • I love graphs made with only two points, there is soo much more information conveyed and a picture really is worth a thousand words.

      Plus that way everyone knows there is no bias in your discussion. I typically suggest two-point charts to be made on a logarithmic scale, crop the lower section and remove any blank space on the top. Also if you use a more vertically stretched overall size it is easier to get the point across (assuming there was one).

      I assume since this entire post (as are most of the discussions here) is nothing but innuendo hidden behind sarcasm that you would appreciate my straightforward comments.

      • If I’m poking fun at anyone, it’s my own profession – while the law is long and complex, the litigation is 5 times longer in terms of pages. Some people complain that Members of Congress didn’t read the entire bill. I can promise you that (almost) no one has read all the briefs.

    • LOL. Very funny, but not surprising. Occasionally, just occasionally mind you, I think Shakespeare was right.


      • Of course, killing all the lawyers was the first step in a plan for domination. If you value freedom, keep the rule of law(yers).