The Republican Senator Healthcare Uncertainty Principle

I keep reading article after article about how Republican Senators are uncomfortable with the way that they are crafting their ACA repeal and replace bill. It’s too secretive. There’s no committee markup. It’s too fast. No one is listening. Many of them have no idea whatsoever is in the bill.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but they have 52 votes in the Senate. If just three of them would actually say this is a problem at the same time in the same place then it might mean that they could actually change this process. If just three of them said they wouldn’t vote for a bill created this way, then they’d have to do it in the more usual fashion.

Instead, there are a lot of opportunities for many more of them to voice their concerns individually, thus giving the appearance that there’s nothing they can do. They’re powerless alone.

Why someone in the media can’t point that out to them and ask them about it is beyond me. Why can’t we get three of them together and ask them?


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