The problem with thinking only about yourself

A clip of Senator Kyl is flying through the Intertubes today:

Getting past the humor in what he’s saying, it betrays a pretty important aspect about the health care reform debate.  Yes, Senator Kyl will never need maternity care.  He also won’t need a yearly pelvic exam.  It’s unlikely he’ll need to see a pediatrician either.  But many, many, many people do.

How many plans are you offered at work?  Likely few.  If those plans didn’t offer anything your boss didn’t need, how good would that plan be?

Sure, Kyl’s argument rings true.  Why should I have to pay for what I don’t need?  But if we follow that logic, then I will be in a risk pool of one – because why should anyone else pay for my issues?  That’s great if I’m healthy.  If I get sick, though, I’m royally screwed.

The only way to minimize risk is in a large risk pool.  Which means including lots of people – even women.  Like your mother.

(h/t The Wonk Room)

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