The National Action Plan on Combating Antibiotic Resistance

Antibiotic resistance is a complex social problem, with alarming global implications. That’s why it is exceedingly good news that the White House released the full National Action Plan today.  We’ve known that antibiotic resistance is a problem for more than 70 years, but today is the first time any Administration has taken the threat this seriously.  It’s the boldest move by any President on this issue. Ever.

Do I wish it had gone further? Sure, but I’m an academic researcher. I always have new questions to explore. The report needs more heft on what happens to reimbursement after FDA approval, for instance.

But look at the solid targets across many areas, the goals set in agriculture, the emphasis on global and regional coordination, and the significant attention to diagnostics.  Not just a good first step, but a dozen good steps.

Congress should fund this as an insurance policy against a post-antibiotic era.


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