• The misguided argument over organic food

    Last week, a study was published that once again called into question the safety and nutritional improvements touted by supporters of organic food. I think debating those points is sort of a waste of time. I explain why in a new post over at CNN.com.

    Go read!


    • “Organic food has almost no evidence showing health benefits.”
      -Aaron Carroll

      However, like Smart Growth policies, it does keep the poor and minorities out of your neighborhood and Whole Foods stores. The disparate impact of progressive policies in action. Oh, sure. I saw your Diversity bumper sticker.

    • Great article, Dr Aaron!

      I may sound like your wife:

      IMHO, organic veggies DO taste better (eg: tomatoes, grapes, and cherries, squash, kale….) and if organic foods are raised without pesticides, I feel better.

      Since my hubby likes his beef, I buy meat that was raised without antibiotics who were fed on grass – again, it makes me feel better.

      (Hubby doesn’t like the grocery bill – tuff tooties – I spend nothing on things I want, and I want a lot but I restrain myself. You should see my wardrobe … it’s pretty pathetic! I was raised to spend on what you need – FOOD – and save for what you want.)

    • When we lived in the states, we always participated in Community Supported Agriculture, and really enjoyed the shares we bought. Some farms were organic, others were not, and frankly it didn’t seem to make much difference in the quality. But everything was incredibly fresh and flavorful, and the sheer quantity that we received each week certainly tipped the balance of vegetables vs. meat in our diets.

      Now, we can find fruits and vegetables of equivalent quantity in our supermarket. By US standards, the conventionally-grown veggies are incredibly expensive, and the organic ones are mind-boggling. But it still represents a very small part of our overall budget. Here’s to high-quality, locally grown, fruits and vegetables!