The Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law

As of this summer, I’m serving as an associate editor for the Journal of Health Politics, Policy, and Law. If you’re a health-policy junkie, you probably know the journal well. But if you’re a health-law professor who’s accustomed to publishing in student-edited law reviews, it may not occur to you to publish at JHPPL.

We health lawyers have to get out more. It’s really hard to spark a policy debate though a 30,000-word article in a law review. In general, you’d do better to write a concise piece targeted at a broader audience of economists, political scientists, and policy experts. A publication in JHPPL also has the added cachet of peer review.

Plus, the two aren’t mutually exclusive. Apiece in JHPPL can explore ideas that you develop at greater (some would say punishing) length in a conventional law review. Russell Korobkin has done so to good effect in two important articles, one at the Michigan Law Review and the other at JHPPL, on what he calls “relative value health insurance.”

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