The Health Policy Salon: Every third Friday of the month

The Health Policy Salon is starting. If you’re in Boston, you might want to attend. Details follow.

Who? Any health policy wonk, but the incomparable Emma Sandoe and I will attend for sure. (This is our idea.) We’ve heard from several others that they’ll be there, but I’m not putting them on the spot by naming names.

What? A gathering to share ideas, coffee, breakfast (as desired)

Where? A coffee shop in downtown Boston. Email for exact location. It won’t always be in the same place, maybe.

When? Every third Friday of the month, typically. The first one is this Friday, September 19. Emma and I will attend from 7:15AM until at least 8:15AM, though anyone can come and go as they please. Future gatherings will be announced on TIE and Twitter with location details by email. So get on the email list.

Why? To stimulate our thinking about issues pertaining to health policy and related research. Also to have fun.

How? We will communicate with each other using our mouths, hands, facial expressions, and body language, and any other device, as needed, as one does in real life.

Srsly? Yes.


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