The Fallback Plan Emerges

This post originally appeared on The Finance Buff.

Today’s NY Times article by Robert Pear explains ways in which Senator Kennedy’s health reform bill (expected out next week) and the one being developed by Senator Baucus differ. One difference is that Kennedy supports a strong public plan while Baucus is considering a compromise. Pear writes,

Democrats on the Finance Committee said Mr. Baucus was exploring a possible compromise. Under this proposal, the public plan would be created only if private insurance companies had not made meaningful, affordable coverage available to all Americans within several years.

Senate Democrats said they believed that Mr. Baucus might settle for this “fallback plan,” which could win some support on both sides of his committee, from people like Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, a Democrat, and Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, a Republican.

So, it appears as if the fallback plan is being seriously considered.

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