The craziness of the health care reform debate

Yes, I’ve read the CFRB’s defense of raising the Medicare eligibility age. But there’s something about it that’s really bothering me.

A number of organizations are arguing that raising the retirement age won’t hurt those between the ages of 65-67 because they will all be able to get private insurance under the exchanges and the PPACA.

The problem is, of course, that many people who want to raise the Medicare eligibility age also want to get rid of the PPACA. So over here, we have people who defend raising eligibility to 67 years because the PPACA exists, when over there, people want to abolish the PPACA.

It would be nice if we could all agree on what reality will be for those under the age of 65 first. Once that’s settled, we could talk about what should happen to people 65-67. The crazy part of this debate is that people are simultaneously arguing we need to go further when others are arguing we need to go back.

Which means we will likely go nowhere.

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