The best paper on comparative effectiveness research of prostate cancer treatments

I don’t do this much because it’s mean to those of you for whom the following paper is gated:* Comparative effectiveness research in localized prostate cancer treatment, by Richard Hoffman, David Penson, Anthony Zietman, and Michael Barry, is so well done I’m not even going to quote it. I wouldn’t know where to stop. Just go get it and read it if you can* and if you’re interested in this subject.

To my eye, they covered every base and correctly. They summarized every major prostate cancer treatment RCT and the important observational studies. They assessed strengths and limitations of various, standard research design methodologies. There is no other paper on this subject that impresses me as much as this one. It’s pretty much the only thing you need to cite for almost any point you’d want to make about the study of health and quality of life outcomes of prostate cancer treatments. Bravo!

That is all.

* For a limited time, the editor has ungated this paper (see comments). Go get it.


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