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If you like my columns on food, you’re going to love my book.

Advice about food can be confusing. Experts seem to only agree on one thing: some ingredients—often the most enjoyable ones—are bad for you, full stop. But as physician Aaron Carroll explains, if we stop consuming some of our most demonized foods, it may actually hurt us. Examining troves of research about dietary health, Carroll separates hard truths from sensationalized hype, showing that you can:

  • Eat meat several times a week: Its effects are negligible for most people, and arguably positive if you’re 65 or older.
  • Have a drink or two a day: In moderation, alcohol may protect against cardiovascular disease without much risk.
  • Enjoy a gluten-loaded bagel from time to time: It has less fat and sugar, fewer calories, and more fiber than a gluten-free one.
  • Eat more salt: If your blood pressure is normal, you may be getting too little sodium, not too much.

Full of counterintuitive lessons about food we hate to love, The Bad Food Bible is for anyone seeking eating habits that are sensible, sustainable, and occasionally indulgent.

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