The AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting agenda. There’s an app for that!

Going to the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting? If you have an Android, iOS, or web-enabled device, you don’t need to lug around the heavy agenda book or fish around in your bag for a map anymore. There’s an app for that!

I’ve only used the Android app so far. It was a bit clunky but worked. I created a personalized schedule that lists only the sessions and posters I’m interested in. You can see the entire agenda in the app, but it’s nice to cull it down to what’s of interest. The app has maps and other meeting info too. You can also add personalized entries. I added some for personal meetings and social events I’ve planned for the conference. One list for everything!

In theory, one is supposed to be able to do this on any of the platforms and then sync. So, for instance, I could have done my schedule building on the web version, which would have been easier, and then synced it to my phone. But, that’s not working at the moment, or not for me anyway. I can’t seem to log into the web app. No log-y, no sync-y. 🙁 I’m in contact with tech support to see what the trouble is.

Two other annoyances I noticed: (1) The touch screen area to change the date is exceptionally small on the Android app. It feels like it’s one pixel big. I had to poke my phone way too many times to change the date. (2) With every schedule entry it wants to update my Android calendar (the one that syncs to my Google Calendar). I don’t want that. It’d be a mess. So, I had to click “cancel” to avoid the calendar entry every time. The app still built my schedule within the app itself, which is what I wanted.

Even with these annoyances, it’s worth it to me to have an ordered, updateable list of sessions of interest in my pocket, along with other conference info.


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