There’s a lot for me to be thankful for, considering my good fortune to have been born in an era and country of great wealth and opportunity and into a family that made it easy for me to take advantage of it. Relative to the vast majority of people who ever lived, I have it pretty good. Likely you do too. We should be thankful … and humble.

More germane to this blog, I am thankful to have found a community that appreciates evidence and facts. Because of you (collectively), that community is now vastly larger than it ever has been. This value of something like a scientific view of the world, that I presume we share, is not universal, as I’m sure you know. I have the luxury (per the above) to be extremely frustrated by that fact. But, at least I have this blog as a relatively safe haven, and you to share it with. So, thanks for reading and joining the conversation.

Have a great day tomorrow and don’t forget the Austin Frakt Thanksgiving day diet.


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