• Thank you

    I was in Bloomington today, giving a talk at a hospital on health care reform.  A number of questions began, “I read on your blog…” Moreover, a number of others came down afterwards to ask me questions about things I’ve written here.

    I wish I could make you understand how happy that makes me. We do this day in and day out and sometimes we have to wonder how much of an impact we’re having. The feedback is immensely rewarding.  And so I thank you.

    • Come to PA. We will tell you how much we appreciate your work. Also, since Governor Daniels is in the news quite a bit, maybe you could consider filling us in on what he is supposed to be doing out there for health care and how it appears to be working from your POV, unless you think it just too early to tell.


    • Well, L and I are very grateful too, to you, Aaron, and to Austin and the rest of the occasional bloggers, for the work you put in to publish complex information in terms more comprehensible to people like me who are not in the field of either health care or economics …

      (It was nice to meet you in person, as well — we were the last two to chat with you before you left the auditorium) –ag

    • I tell my health policy, finance, and economics classes, that if they are not reading the “Incidental Economist” every day, they are missing out on a great education. 🙂