Thank you, by the numbers

I owe you, the readers of this blog, a “thank you” for helping push us to number one on Facebook’s health care blogs list.* Also, by the way, in the economics category, we’re seventh, just behind Marginal Revolution and ahead of Krugman (ninth, which is not right). In the policy category, we’re fourth and ahead of Mankiw (eighth, also not right).

This is all about as important as one cares to make it. To the extent one thinks it matters at all whether the content of this blog is noticed, then these types of rankings matter. To the extent one thinks this blog can’t make much difference in the world no matter what, then these rankings and their consequences are not of any importance.

On these matters, I’m agnostic. So a combination of vanity and a sense of “it can’t do any harm to be ranked higher” breaks the tie. Either way, it wouldn’t happen without you, the readers. So, thank you!

*These are really lists maintained by the NetworkedBlogs application.

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