• Tamper-resistant opioids

    Misuse of the reformulated drug is not impossible, but it is more difficult, said Simon H. Budman, PhD. […]

    He compared the traditional oxycodone pill to aspirin — easy to crush. The tamper-resistant pill is more like Skittles candy when smashed. […]

    Among opioid-abusing patients seeking treatment for substance-use disorders, misuse of extended-release oxycodone fell by half after a reformulated, abuse-resistant version came on the market in August 2010. Oral and nonoral forms of abuse declined.

    More by Kevin O’Reilly in American Medical News. Relevant peer-reviewed studies in NEJM and The Journal of Pain. (Is there a better titled medical journal?)


    • Tamper-resistant dosage forms target just those folks who want to do that. I think this group is a small part of all opioid users.

      There’s no evidence that tamper-resistant dosage forms are any safer – it is still possible to take more drug – and there is some evidence that some people switch to other drugs, including heroin (Cicero et al, NEJM 2012;367:187-189).