Suggestions please

From time to time we think about changing the blog’s name. There are advantages and limitations to the current name. It’s known, but it doesn’t convey what we do. It’s a legacy name, originating from when I was an anonymous blogger on a personal finance site. There, I was The Incidental Economist, and I was so because I have no formal economics training and fell into a branch of economics sort of incidentally. (Cute,  huh?)

One, though not the only or most important, reason we have never changed the name is that we have not come up with a good alternative. It’s not enough to be a good name. It has to be a unique one, not used by another blog or media source. Ideally it would suggest something about our focus: relating health and health systems research to policy.

I’m not promising we will change our name, but if you have any good alternatives to The Incidental Economist, let us know.


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