• Stand Up! with Pete Dominick at a new time

    Long time readers of the blog know that I’m a regular guest on Stand Up! with Pete Dominick on Sirius/XM radio. Pete’s show (and he) have been promoted to mornings, and have a new station. It now airs from 6-9AM ET on Channel 104, which is called “Indie” or something.

    The show immediately replays for those of you on the west coast.

    Anyway, I’ll be making my first appearance in a few minutes in the 8AM hour. Tune in. Better yet – call in!


    • Hey Dr Carroll,

      I called in this morning, but had to get in to the office, so couldn’t hold any longer to ask my question. Hoping you’ll read this, here it goes:

      I am currently undergoing a lifestyle change, spurred by my particiation in CrossFit, to eating in the paleo style. If you haven’t head of it, it is eating the way our bodies have evolved to be fueled…lean meats, eggs, vegetables & fruits, tree nuts & seeds. No sugar, no dairy, and no grains. If a hunter/gatherer didn’t eat it, neither should we…food with as little processing as possible. That is the quick and dirty definition. The issue I have is that this diet is heavy on the meat, and each meal is about a 40-60 split (meat-plants). We keep it to as lean a meat as possible (bison, deer, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, and fish are the primary sources so far), and always buy the pastured eggs and meats, usually from a local farm.

      Is this diet just a more extreme version of Atkins, and am I increasing my risk for heat disease and all of the other issues that come along with a meat heavy diet?

      The results for weight loss are pretty good so far. I went from 266 lbs on January 1 to 251 as of this morning. there is also some limited research around the paleo diet as a cure for many modern illnesses, including obesity, diabetes, acne, PCOS, etc, as well as a boost to energy levels, which I have noticed.

      Along with this, how seriously should I take BMI calculations? I am 6’4″, and workout regularly, but with my weight being on the hight side, BMI calculations usually put me around 30, which is considered obese. Is there a calculation that takes into account muscle mass that might be more accurate for someone like me?

      Sorry for the long comment. I hope you have time to answer.

    • Are you in the Eastern time zone or Central. If Eastern, is there any chance you can get on at 7AM (I know 6AM is asking for too much). If so, give a warning the day before, so I can plan to get to work late.