• Stand Up! – September 27, 2013 – Part 3

    I am a frequent guest on Stand Up! with Pete Dominick, which airs on Sirius/XM radio, channel 104 from 6-9AM Eastern. It immediately replays on the channel, so those on the West Coast can listen at the same times.

    Yesterday, Austin and I were both in NYC. We crashed the show for three whole hours of health care reform madness.

    You can play the audio for the third hour right here, after the jump…

    Third Hour

    • I was listening to your show this morning during my drive back to Omaha, NE from Denver, CO. I found your show and guests at once very entertaining and extremely informative. I now know much more about the Affordable Healthcare Plan, lovingly referred to as ObamaCare, than I think I ever would have. I found your guests to be expert, personable, knowledgable and fascinating. I’ll be posting this info to my facebook and twitter and pintrest pages so my associates will be as informed as I am. I feel very sorry for those who see only the worst in this beneficial plan. I won’t qualify as I am well-employed with a major employer who provides excellent health care plans as the result of negotiation with our union. Yes, I’m an agreement employee with the largest railroad in North America…Building Amertica everyday! But my kids who don’t want to work this hard will benefit from ObamaCare.

    • Thank you all for taking time to try and educate Americans on this law. I have been posting the link all week on FB as I see the uneducated comments associated with the shutdown. It just amazes me at what people take for the truth. Love your show Pete. You make a difference.