Special Issue Call for Abstracts: Aligning Systems for Health

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Sponsored by: The Georgia Health Policy Center
Submission deadline for abstracts: September 12, 2022

Health Services Research (HSR) is partnering on a special issue with The Georgia Health Policy Center, the national coordinating center for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation initiative Aligning Systems for Health. The initiative focuses on learning about effective ways to align health care, public health, and social services to better address the goals and needs of the people and communities they serve. Examples include shared purpose, data, financing, and governance within cross-sector collaborations and elevating community voices, equity, power, and trust to create accountable systems.

This special issue will include original research articles that explore cross-sector collaboration with an eye toward aligning multiple sectors. Of particular interest is research that focuses on the following outcomes:

  • practice change
  • mindset change
  • policy change
  • the degree to which community members’ goals and needs are met (as defined by them)
  • health equity
  • racial equity

Example focus areas for this special issue include, but are not limited to quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods research on:

  • What policies have the greatest impact on cross-sector collaboration and the intended outcomes of health equity, racial equity, and meeting goals and needs as defined by community members?
  • What strategies do organizations employ as they collaborate across sectors, and how do these strategies promote health equity, racial equity, and meeting goals and needs as defined by community members?
  • How do cities, counties, regions, and states shape the form and function of cross-sector processes?
  • How do organizations in cross-sector collaborations negotiate local political conditions?
  • How do the organizational and personal partnerships involved in cross-sector collaboration evolve over time?
  • How do formal or informal agreements shape such arrangements?
  • How do different types of interpersonal action and behavior within organizations affect the collaboration process or its outcomes?
  • What sorts of individual or organizational capacities are most necessary for cross-sector collaboration?

We are especially interested in work that engages community members as researchers, that is community led, and is done by teams that include underrepresented researchers. To support this aim, brief webinars describing how to write successful research papers will be offered before the abstract deadline and after invitations to submit full manuscripts. The first webinar is August 3 at 2 pm Eastern. Registration is required.

Key dates for authors:

September 12, 2022: Submission deadline for abstracts
October 17, 2022: Notification of manuscript invitation
March 13, 2023: Submission deadline of invited manuscripts
September 2023: Final notification of accepted manuscripts
February 2024: Issue publication date

All submitted manuscripts must follow author instructions (hsr.org/authors). Send questions to Carolyn deCourt at hsr@aha.org.

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