Sound Medicine – Health Care Reform Update

Another holiday weekend for me, so it’s light blogging.  To tide you over, go listen to me on Sound Medicine:

C-Span fans have had a field day this week: watching live broadcasts of the Senate Finance Committee “mark-up” of the health care reform legislation introduced last week by Montana Democratic Senator Max Baucus.

The consensus seems to be that a final bill will contain new regulations for insurance companies…some form of requirement that just about everyone buy health insurance…and subsidies for people who can’t afford their premiums.

But the devil, well, you know how that saying ends!

Sound Medicine‘s health care policy analyst Dr. Aaron Carroll joined me in the studio a little earlier this week for an update on where things seem to be headed.

Aaron Carroll is associate professor of pediatrics and director for the Center of Health Policy and Professionalism Research.

Go listen!

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