• Sound Medicine – Challenge to the Affordable Care Act

    Sound Medicine is a radio show produced by the Indiana University School of Medicine and WFYI Public Radio. I’m on this week’s broadcast, talking about legal challenges to the ACA:

    The Affordable Care Act, also known as the healthcare reform law of 2011, is a step closer to a hearing before the U.S. Supreme Court, probably in June 2012. In August, the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the law’s mandate for individual insurance coverage unconstitutional.

    This week, Sound Medicine healthcare policy analyst Aaron Carroll, MD, explains the individual mandate and why the appeals court ruled against it.

    Dr. Carroll will discuss possible outcomes of a Supreme Court challenge.

    Enjoy below!

    • Do you see anything else that works that way, that Government can provide cheaper that the private sector?

      Related store: Because I want them to get a Christian education I send my children to private school. I pay $4,500/year but the county school district spends about $10,000/student. Evidently most of the diffidence is due to administration costs.
      So that is why it is hard to believe that Government can be cheaper. So what could explain this.

      1. It could be licensing that makes medical care so expensive that competition is not a factor.
      2. It could be that private care gives more stuff not directly considered health care like nicer rooms etc.