Someday I’ll Step in It

I try to be reasonably careful about everything I do, including what I write. On this blog I try to make it clear what is supported by data and research and what is my own speculation. I try not to blog much on topics I know little about (with the major exceptions things I’m actively learning about or just find amusing). Above all I don’t want to offend anyone personally with my words, though critiquing their scholarship or logic is fair game as far as I’m concerned.

Nevertheless, someday I will write something that I will regret. It is inevitable. I’ll mean one thing, but it’ll come out wrong. Or I’ll incorrectly judge somebody’s work. Or I’ll do something in haste or anger. I’ll irritate the wrong person for the wrong reason. I’m human, therefore I err.

That is, someday I’ll step in a steaming pile of crap and create a mess for myself. Then I’ll have to walk it back. Such is life. Let the record show I predicted it.

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