• “Snow” Day

    Schools were closed all across the Boston metro region today. My family figures for today’s “snow” day follow.

    • Number of hours of school/after-school care missed: 8
    • Number of hours of nanny-care missed: 8
    • Number of hours of work missed (me): 4 (I did some from home)
    • Number of hours of work missed (spouse): 4 (she was able to work the morning)
    • Number of inches of snow accumulation as of this post (~3PM): 0.00000000

    Oh well. One can’t expect perfect prediction. This was a particularly bad call though.

    • Austin,

      I know you wrote a piece previously on the high costs of child care.

      I assume you’ve done a cost analysis of you or your wife quitting work to care for your children verses paying for child care/nannies, and considered what lifestyle changes that may entail?

      If so, is that something you’d mind sharing in a post sometime?


      • @Jay – I doubt I’ll post on it because it is all in the past. I tend to write more about what’s on my mind now. All decisions involved both financial and lifestyle considerations. It’s been a challenging balancing act, but worth it.

    • Fair enough.

      Something in our tax system that I find wildly unfair however is that there is no “child care tax credit” afforded to those that choose to have one parent stay home to care for their children.

      Surely there is great financial expense in choosing that route. Why does our society not compensate those that make such a choice to the same extent it does other child care choices?

      • @Jay – I don’t know the politics on this one, but here’s my guess. When CBO and other organizations score policy proposals they may also estimate impact on GDP. They at least estimate tax revenue. Providing a tax break for paid childcare that also has an incentive for paid work would be more GDP and tax revenue enhancing than providing a tax break for unpaid care that doubles as unpaid work. Go score those two ideas and guess which one the politician is better able to sell.