Small gifts

This is just quick check-in. I’m still on vacation, enjoying my family and, yes, lots of good food. The only bummer so far was that the blizzard forced a cancellation of an event I was looking forward to.

The other thing I’ve been doing is using my new iPad. Ian was right. I have found the PDF Expert app combined with Dropbox very handy. I’ve already saved a small fraction of a tree by not printing papers.

Aaron was right too, I’m enjoying Instapaper and other things he recommended like SugarSync. That’s really the point of this post, to plug SugarSync and to encourage you to try it. It’s an online backup and file syncing service that allows you to access your files from nearly any device, anywhere, anytime. In a typical day I use between four and six computers and mobile devices and now I can access my stuff from all of them. Cool!

Best of all, SugarSync offers a free 5 gigabyte option. So, you can try it at no cost. In fact, by clicking on this link, you can get an extra 500 megabytes and I can too. So, you’ll be helping me and yourself. If you buy one of the larger plans, you’ll be helping SugarSync even more, which is still good for me since I want them to succeed.

Yes, this is kind of like advertising. But I have not been compensated by SugarSync, and my admiration for their product is genuine. Try it if you’re curious. I’ll be happy to get the extra storage you’ll send me by using my referral link. Consider it a small holiday gift to me and to you.

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