• Show me the methods

    A number of you have emailed me or tweeted me (@aaronecarroll) to ask why I was not posting on the recent news that 30% of businesses plan to drop health insurance coverage under the PPACA. The main reason was that, while I could find plenty of news stories and posts on the survey, I couldn’t find a good description of the methodology. Readers of this blog know that you need to see the methods in order to judge the relability and validity of the results.

    Turns out, it wasn’t my lack of search skills; the methods weren’t released. Kate Pickert committed an actual act of journalism, and tried to get McKinsey to give her the necessary information. So far, they have refused. Her whole piece is worth reposting, so just go read it now.

    • I have no doubt people at these consulting firms are nice, well-meaning folks, but this is exactly why I have never trusted the research they put out.

    • Kudos to kate. If you “educate” people before you poll them, I bet you can get almost any response you want. Let us hope McKinsey is a bit more forthcoming. Until then, I think that the Massachusetts experience would be the best baseline.