What the Supreme Court didn’t do

That’s a screenshot from SCOTUSblog‘s live blogging of the decision.

Though the Supreme Court’s ruling on the ACA has many implications, what its focus on the law doesn’t do by itself is make progress on the problems of cost, quality, and access in our health care system. Those problems remain in approximately the same state they were in when the ACA was passed in 2010. That law is an attempt to begin to address each of them, to various degrees and over time. But even its strongest advocates know it is only a first step. If health reform is to be further advanced, it will be through legislation, not litigation.

In short and in my view, the Supreme Court’s attention to the ACA did nothing to promote a health and health system improvement agenda, despite what it may have done for the Court’s constitutional agenda or the political ambitions of some of the litigants.


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