Response to WSJ editorial: "What we would have told Obama"

Some past presidents of the AMA wrote an editorial in the WSJ today.  First of all, I find it amusing that past presidents of the AMA are complaining about a lack of access to those making policy.  I haven’t been invited recently to the White House lately either, and you don’t hear me complaining.  Well, maybe you just did.  Anyway, the AMA has been able to contribute heavily to the discussion about health care reform.  President Obama even came to your last meeting.

I’ve been getting a ton of emails asking me about the arguments made there.  So go read the whole thing and come back. Many of their points have already been refuted in this blog, in fact:

  1. Competition across state lines is not the answer.
  2. Medicare reimburement rates are not a fault of government involvement.
  3. Innovation has nothing to do with health care reform.
  4. Tort reform does not equal health care reform.

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