Remember the ACA with all its Medicare cuts?

Andrew Sullivan notes that “In the latest poll, the public is almost two-to-one against turning Medicare into a voucher system for private health insurance designed to provide less than the cost of healthcare.”

He then goes on to say:

Good news for the Democrats. But until the Dems propose a serious alternative to rein in Medicare’s costs, bad news for the country.

Do you remember the ACA? Do you remember the “cuts to Medicare” that propelled many, many in Congress to victory in November? As Austin just sent me in an email:

  1. The ACA is as serious as lawmakers choose to make it
  2. It’s no less serious than Ryan’s plan
  3. In his budget speech, the President suggested enhancements to the ACA

Now, you may not like the ACA, but it’s law, and it was an attempt at cost-control. I have heard the President say he wants to strengthen it even further. For what it’s worth, there’s a progressive budget floating around that also balances the budget, and has just as much of a chance of becoming law as Rep. Ryan’s.

Come on, Sully. Don’t fall for the rhetoric!

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