Reinstitutionalization following psychiatric discharge from the VA

Cheryl Irmiter and colleagues conducted a longitudinal study to evaluate the prevalence, timing, and risk factors for reinstitutionalization of Veterans Affairs (VA) patients with serious mental illness (SMI).  Analysis was based on FY1998-2005 data and the sample was drawn from the VA National Psychosis Registry. They found that 86% of patients were reinstitutionalized to any VA setting, 68% to inpatient psychiatric units and, of those, within one year, on average.

[D]emographics for individuals who are more likely to be rehospitalized/reinstitutionalized are in line with earlier research. Researchers identified that non-marital status [35], co-occurring substance use disorders [36] homeless [37, 38] and co-morbid medical issues [38–40] among individuals with SMI are high risk indicators for ‘‘revolving’’ through institutions for care. […]

A limitation of the study is the lack of information for the patients who seek treatment outside of the VA. However, patients in the VA diagnosed with SMI receive a majority of mental and physical health care within this national system [27].


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