Reflex: December 16, 2011

There’s more backlash for Wyden than for Ryan on controversial Medicare plan, writes Brian Beutler. “First, the political consequences of the Wyden-Ryan alliance are worse for Democrats than for Republicans. As noted above, it gives Romney or Gingrich some cover when the Obama campaign attacks them for wanting to end Medicare (“one of the most liberal members of your party supports my plan,” goes the imagined retort). And more broadly, it complicates the Democratic party’s heretofore unanimous opposition to all plans that involve partial or total privatization of the program.” Aaron’s Comment: The fact that many Republicans are embracing it and almost no Democrats are says something about which way the plan moves the ball.

Advocates push for a public option in MA, writes Andy Metzger: “Five years after redrawing the lines in the national health care debate, Beacon Hill is looking at new reforms, closely studying payment system plans to lower costs and examining a government controlled single-payer model. “We will end up with a government option at some point. We will end up with a single-payer at some point, and wouldn’t it be wonderful if that point was now, and the place was Massachusetts?” said Sen. Dan Wolf (D-Harwich) at a Thursday afternoon legislative hearing.” Aaron’s Comment: Stranger things have happened. Vermont may go single payer, after all.

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