Reading list moved to Twitter

For more months than I can count I’ve been posting a weekly reading list of papers and books I’m looking at. I recognize the list is of some value to people, particularly other researchers, which is why I kept at it for so long. However, it’s actually a bit of a pain to assemble, taking more time than simple “Hey, here’s what’s on my pile” messages should require.

So, I’m changing things up. If you want to know what I’m reading, follow me on Twitter.* I will try to remember to use hashtag “#AFread” in case you want to filter or search for these items. Also, read my blog posts. Sometimes I will write about a paper that I don’t otherwise announce. There are also many papers worthy of attention that I do not mention because others have. (Sarah Kliff, for example, is among the few big bloggers who consistently read and comment on health care-related academic literature. If she covers a paper, I may not.)

* Yes, I know for many, using Twitter for this purpose is a step too far. I’m sorry about that.

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