Reader questions – Comments?

A reader asks:

Just curious. Why don’t you permit comments/questions to your blog posts? That seems odd.

My question is what does the word “affordable” mean in the context of health care reform? I hear it over and over in this messy debate, but no one says what it means. Does affordable insurance for someone “high risk” with a pre-existing condition means a premium of $4,000 per year or $40,000?

As to comments, I have a policy (and reasons)*.  In compensation, I try to answer a ton of email.  Like this one.

“Affordable” is – as the reader notes – a subjective term.  But, to get a concrete answer as to what insurance would cost for you (if you’re not getting it from your job), go to one of the many calculators.  There will be no rate difference because of your condition.  That’s one of the key pieces of reform.

*If people are curious, my recent request for suggestions on whether to change the comment policy was overwhelmingly for leaving it in place.

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