• Rape can make you pregnant. Period.

    I wasn’t planning to comment on this one, but CNN asked. Go read, share, RT, like!


    • How can a guy that stupid get to where he is?

    • Thank you for the good column. I especially liked this line, ” After all, if you really believe that abortion is the taking of a human life, then it’s hard to suggest that there is any rationalization for it at all.”

      I noticed in school, where abortion discussions were frequent, that advocates for and against abortion disagreed on the fundamental question of whether “abortion is taking of a human life” but didn’t realize it. Thus all the arguments about when and if any restraints should be on abortion were pointless as the parties were arguing from a different first principle.

    • It’s because pro-life campaigns often aren’t carried out for the benefit of the unborn child. If that were really true, there would be more support for social services, adoption services, single mothers, etc from the far-right.

      Pro-life campaigns are more often about controlling women by forcing them to rely on men for the care of their children (even when they didn’t want them). And they are about punishing sluts by forcing them to live with “the consequences of their unbridled illegitimate sexual desire,” THAT’s why people on the far-right teach that only women on some level enjoy the unasked-for sex can get pregnant, because otherwise you are “punishing” a woman for a crime (sexual passion) she is innocent of.