R and R

This is the first post in a new “series.” Aaron and I are going to publish a post like this roughly daily. It’ll be a list of links to stuff we find interesting, important, fun, provocative, or zany but don’t have time to comment on in a post. In posts like this, we provide links to this stuff without endorsement or much comment. Sometimes we’ll link to something we think is wrong.

“R and R” is short for “rest and relaxation.” You’re supposed to relax and enjoy the rest of the things we’ve read today.

Some of the items in “R and R” posts will have already gone out on this blog’s Twitter feed, so if you subscribe to that, you’ll have seen those already. Also, since it pulls from that feed (not really, but I don’t feel like going into it), the “In the news” section of this blog (right sidebar, scroll down) has some of these items. We’ll probably discontinue that section of the blog soon to expand the blogroll. You’ve been warned!

Now to today’s “R and R”:

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