• Quote: The challenges of antitrust enforcement in health care

    The complexity of this undertaking highlights a fundamental enforcement reality. If it’s this hard for regulators to demonstrate why a patently worrisome acquisition should be blocked, it is even less likely that they will investigate or attempt to halt mergers for which potential effects are unclear. […]

    Consolidation will surely continue before we can determine whether it is benign.

    Leemore Dafny, The New England Journal of Medicine


    • “not all legal professionals embrace complex economic models”

    • When I was in college and then grad school, there were two weekly yuppy tabloids: the Real Paper and the Boston Phoenix. Both were 25 cents and both were good. One folded. The very next issue, the remaining one sold for 95 cents.

      I’ve been a believer in anti-trust law ever since.

      It may not be easy, it may be horrifically complex, it may be near impossible to get right. But it’s really really really important.