• Quote: Inside Sloan-Kettering’s Zaltrap decision

    As soon as he heard that, Bach, who has been documenting the dizzying rise of cancer-drug prices since 2009, immediately jumped into an elevator to go to Saltz’s office to learn more about the unprecedented decision. Why the rush? “C’mon!” Bach explained to me recently. “It’s never happened before! Sloan-Kettering isn’t including a drug because of its price?”

    Thus began the first physician-initiated revolt in anyone’s memory against the skyrocketing cost of cancer drugs.

    Stephen Hall, NY Magazine (h/t Brad Flansbaum)

    @afrakt (via phone)

    • Most cancer treatment centers mark up the prices of cancer drugs by some obscene multiple. For instance our local community hospital saw big bucks in cancer treatment and marks up the prices of drugs by 400%. A $1,000/dose drug (their average cost) is charged to patients at $4,000.
      In light of this, I don’t know why they would object to high prices.