Quote: A GOP strategy shift?

Weeks ago, many Republicans said ObamaCare — including Speaker John Boehner (Ohio) — was too broken to fix. But now, the GOP is drafting legislation that aims to do just that. […]

After their costly political strategy to defund ObamaCare, GOP lawmakers are more willing to support measures that will repair the president’s signature healthcare law, political science professor Jack Pitney said.

“Republicans took a look at the polls. They finally realized that defunding ObamaCare was unpopular, but a measure like this [is] very popular. They realized that, despite all the brave talk, that the shutdown did not work to their advantage and now they are trying to get on the right side of public opinion,” he said. […]

“Before [ObamaCare] went into effect, the only goal is to stop it, now the goal is still stop it, but I don’t want to treat people harshly,” veteran Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) explained.

Molly Hooper, The Hill


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