• Questions for Gov. Pawlenty

    Ben Smith reports,

    Pawlenty also suggested he’d offer “premium support” — Paul Ryan-style vouchers — to people who aren’t yet enrolled in the program. He suggested, though, that he’d make the Ryan-style plan an option for individuals, not an immediate replacement for the entire program.

    So, another Medicare “premium support” proposal on the way (details to be released “soon”, Smith reports). By now readers of this blog know the key questions. They include,

    1. What types of plans qualify for support? Are there minimum standards? If so, what are they? Do plans have to offer the basic Medicare benefits, for example?
    2. How are the support levels set? By Congress directly (like current Medicare Advantage, and Rep. Ryan’s plan) or through a bidding process (as in Part D, FEHBP, the ACA exchanges)?
    3. How do support levels change over time? Are they indexed to inflation, GDP, or the cost of health care (as would occur naturally with competitive bidding)?
    4. To what extent are support levels means tested?
    5. Is there risk adjustment?
    6. What about geographic variations in the cost of care?
    7. Is there a mandate?
    8. Are premiums community rated, risk rated, age banded?

    UPDATE: Added the 8th question.

    • Over age 65 military retirees currently on Medicare have Defense Department funded TriCare for Life (TFL) as supplemental to Medicare. The voucher and/or premium support plans fail to address what will happen to TFL in a situation where the vouchers or premium supports decline in value over time. Will the Pentagon be expected to fill the ever increasing gap?

    • The only person I am going to vote for is the person who can get the message across. His / her plans to fix government and has fire in his/ her belly.
      Example no fire in belly John McCain. good person,talked about his policies no fire in belly. could not convince enough to vote for him

      Example fire in belly. Obama only needed 3 words HOPE & CHANGE won the election without telling anyone what hope and change was!

      A good orator, good policies, and fire in belly wins every time. I just gave a very short history above. If we don’t learn from history , then history repeats itself. But rather than vote for another McCain and lose. I will use that day to go to the lake fishing. Get it yet? Good luck