Putting the Personal in Personal Finance

I subscribe to a few personal finance blogs (see my Sources post for a full list). With hundreds to choose from how do I know the ones I read are right for me? I know they’re right from experience. I’ve read them for many months and I have seen their contributors write many sensible things, things that I know to be true of the world and consistent with how I think about finances.

But for two of the bloggers I have an even higher level of trust. TFB at The Finance Buff and Mike at The Oblivious Investor have gone out of their way to help me with issues having nothing to do with finance. Today in particular as I struggled with a technical glitch on this site both offered good advice and assisted in answering questions. With their help, the problem is solved.

Thanks TFB and Mike! For your help today and in the past, as well as for your personal finance blogging, you’ve earned my respect, gratitude, and trust.

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