• Programming Note

    With another post by McArdle the insurance-mortality debate continues and may do so for some time. If you are interested in it and this blog has been your sole source for references to the contributions of others (Klein, McArdle, Drum, etc.) then you should take some action. I’m not going to continue to go post-for-post with the other bloggers on this. I’ve already spoken my mind on the matter, and I’ve facilitated the blog version of a first-class literature review (link to relevant posts). From here on out it would just be correcting folks’ (sometimes willful) misunderstandings and repeating myself. I’ve got better things to do.

    Therefore, if you want to keep up with this one then either (a) subscribe to the blogs of others involved or (b) subscribe to my News & Links feed (described on my Subscribe page and visible in the far right sidebar). As I see things of relevance to this topic I will enter them into that feed.

    This is not to say with certainty I will not post on this again. I’m just not committing to participate in every round. After all, there is vastly more to health reform, health economics, and health policy than this issue. It’s gotten far more attention than it deserves already.

    • I’ve been reading your blog, and Tyler Cowen, and Megan McArdle on the subject. I don’t really have anything to add — I haven’t managed to digest more than a tenth of what’s been presented — but I thought I’d drop a thank-you note for your coverage of the topic and your links to the literature.

      • @bluntobject – Ah, a rare note of appreciation! Terrific! I’ve been thinking of posting on the observation that commenters are 99% in opposition. I don’t think I’m in the minority in my opinions. It must be that those who agree with me think I’ve said it all perfectly therefore don’t need any help from them. Not so! I’d love more of the debate in the comments to be done without me.

    • Austin, as someone who disagreed, let me say clearly that I appreciate your contribution to the debate.

    • @Thomas – Thank you. I’m on a roll here. Maybe I should do more Programming Notes.