• Preaching to the wrong choir

    I’m one month in another three-month commitment I’ve made with myself to do Weight Watchers (more on that later). One of the things the program always seems to reinforce with me is how much more important diet seems to be than physical activity with respect to weight loss. I’ve been active for quite some time, but until I really change what I eat, I find it hard to lose weight.

    Having said that, I still think it’s very important that we teach kids to be physically active for any number of reasons. That’s why I think programs to encourage such behavior are a good idea. Unfortunately, a recent report from the RWJF shows that we aren’t doing a great job of that in school:

    A significant number of obese or overweight children are in urban areas, are from minority populations, or are poor. And schools that serve those kids, overwhelmingly, have no recess. We need to focus efforts there.

    • I think you’ve got the right choir 🙂 The awareness is growing

    • I’ve been doing Weight Watchers to get rid of those last few pounds too. Indeed, it does reveal how food intake is key to losing weight, but my takeaway is a little different re: exercise vs food.

      The real revelation, for me, is how out of balance our intake/ output is in this country. I’m not sure where you live Aaron, but in my younger years, I lived in NYC, where I never had any problem maintaining a healthy weight – I walked everywhere! And I ate as much as I wanted.

      Now that I live in the midst of suburban sprawl, I find it difficult to maintain that balance. I suspect our ancestors did a lot more physical activity that didn’t feel like ‘exercise’ but was integrated into their days to the point where they didn’t notice.