Post-debate thoughts

I normally don’t try and weigh in on politics here (follow @aaronecarroll on Twitter for that), but some brief thoughts.

Who would have thought being anti-vaccine policy would be so popular among candidates? Pretty much the whole country has previously agreed that an opt-out policy is the way to go, so to see so many argue that’s anti-American is dispiriting. You either have a policy, or you won’t get the full effects of the vaccine. We need herd immunity. You get your vaccines not just to protect you, but to protect others. This shouldn’t be political.

Using Galileo (who was a scientist attacked by faith-based ideologues) in defense of ignoring scientists on climate change is just one of the most ironic things I’ve ever seen.

I’m sorry, but spending so much time on social security as the main economic entitlement issue when health care is so obviously what’s going to bankrupt us is crazy.

And I’m disappointed that there wasn’t a great anti-IPAB ad like last time.

That is all.

UPDATE: I should add that these debates have been excellent so far. I think the hosts have been better than usual, and I found the breadth of questions on acutal issues quite refreshing.

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