The POLITICO Pulse email helped turn my morning around.

THE FRAKTS OF LIFE – After hours of grunt work, Austin Frakt, a Boston University health economist, concludes that health care is around 50 percent responsible for the longer lifespans humans have enjoyed since the 1950s. In particular, advancements in preventing infant mortality and deaths from heart disease have helped increase Americans’ longevity, he found after combing through nine exhaustive studies on the subject. Recent claims that only 10 percent of health gains in recent years are attributable to health care are not credible, he says: http://bit.ly/OyD8S8

I’m not sure whether I benefit more from the perception that it took “hours of grunt work” or the reality that I do not perceive the work as grueling. It’s what I do, both for my job and for my own interest. But, I am delighted if it is of broader benefit. So, thank you!


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