• Picture from a “Justice for Trayvon” rally



    Feel free to add your own caption. More here–Me in the Washington Post.


    • I’m disappointed in this post and article. This is a health policy blog, not an avenue for race baiting.

      • Might have something to do with the whole “personal moment” tag.

        • If it were just the picture, then I might agree; however, the article is similar to the many other “the right are racists” type, propaganda articles, and does not belong on this forum. I thought the staff at IE were better than than that.

    • I don’t see any “the right is racist” content anywhere.

      One of my patients decided one day that while he liked me as a physician, he wanted to set me straight about my Obama 2012 bumpersticker. The argument got heated when he explained that he just wanted government to stay out of his life and I responded with “but not out of my uterus”. Not one word had been said about race when he ssuddenly stated that he hated being called a racist and I nearly fell on the floor laughing. His ex-wife and ex-in-laws, racists themselves, had all mentioned that his preoccupation with race was overwhelming. Happily, he moved off to some red state where he is free from “socialized medicine” and receiving his care from the VA. Idiot.

      • Am I the only one who read the article? My thoughts below:

        “He’s (Zimmerman) another pathetic man…” (Although a tragedy, is it right to call him pathetic?)

        “I’ve been more horrified by Zimmerman’s race-conservative defenders than I’ve been by the defendant himself.” (Loving the word horrified)

        “Another group raised a sign: “Break with the Democratic Party of Imperialist War and Racism!”” (One hand hand, he mentions that these individuals were ignored, but on the other, he still brings it up. For what purpose?)

        The attack on Bill O’Reilly, while not a direct claim of racisim, was nevertheless, an attack on conservatives.

        Quoting Rev. Jackson as saying: “Because of the history of racism, there’s something about white-on-black crime that has the impact of arousing fears and anger and hurt…” (The Zimmerman-Martin tragedy wasn’t even a white on black crime.)

        Granted, some of what Dr. Pollack wrote was from other sources and not his words; however, his decision to include them in the article says a lot.

        Finally, and the one thing I do have issue with, is the use of the picture. The T-shirt is in memory of the troops who have made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. To use that picture with this story is disrespectful to those troops.

        Regardless of how anyone interprets this article, this has nothing to do with health policy and does not belong on this forum. I’m getting tired of these left-on-right and right-on-left attacks over this topic.

        • No, I don’t see any “righties are racists” rhetoric in the article. I see some direct quotes from conservatives that are racist, but that’s not the same as saying that all conservatives are racist. You can’t deny that some of the stuff that Limbaugh, O’Reilly, et al say is racist.

          If you don’t like a blog’s content, then don’t read it.

          • J_Bean,

            I for one deny that Limbaugh, O’Reilly et al say racist things – I defy you to provide one concrete example of what you claim.

            And this whole post/thread is not something I would have expected to get past Austin – would be interesting to hear why he thought it belonged…

            I come here to learn more about health care policy. To read someone’s musings about a tragedy that is personal – not racial is not what I am here for.

            But – the number of young black men killed every month in Chicago – and elsewhere by other young black men should be Mr. Pollack’s focus – not the tragic incident of one “white hispanic” killing – in self-defense I believe – a young black man.