PDF Expert bug (bleg)

Does anyone in my readership use PDF Expert on their iPad? Moreover, do you sync it with SugarSync?* If so, are you experiencing anything like this:

ss problem

What’s happening to me is that PDF Expert is kind of syncing with SugarSync, but not the way it should. It sucks down new files just fine. Then, if I annotate one in PDF Expert, instead of overwriting the file — as it used to do, always — it generates a new file with a date stamp suffix. What’s worse, is it does this upon every annotation/sync iteration. So, instead of one file, annotated — what I want — I get N files with accumulating annotations (N = number of annotation/sync cycles) — which is annoying and useless.

I’ve tried mightily to get PDF Expert’s customer support to engage on this. They’re usually very good. We did one iteration in which I was asked to uninstall and reinstall. I did that, but it didn’t help. Since then, I’ve not been able to get them to reply to me. I’ve emailed and tweeted at Readdle (the makers of the product) every which way. What happened to them? (No, I didn’t yell at them. I’m not mad. I’m perplexed.)

Not knowing when they’ll resurface from their customer service walk-out, I’m turning to the collective. Can you help me? (And, yes, maybe this is a SugarSync problem, but I’ve seen glitches like this with PDF Expert before, so I figured I’d start there until they confirm it’s not them. So far, they’re just confirming they don’t care, which sucks from a keep-the-customer-satisfied point of view.)

UPDATE: After sharing this post with Readdle via Twitter and email, I received a reply that they will look into this and get back to me. Still, if this is a problem you’ve experienced and, possibly, solved, I’d love to hear from you too.

* In a bit of SugarSync news, they’re moving to an all-pay model. No more free 5GB accounts. What I can’t tell is if those of us with free accounts are grandfathered or if we have to start coughing up for service. At existing prices, I’d pay for it, but not if I don’t have to! (I’ve been paying them in referrals, which has earned me a lot of free storage. Nice deal.)


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