Palm to Google Conversion: Bought New Phone

Earlier in the week my Palm Tungsten E died. In a prior post I explained how I transferred Palm Desktop data to Google (calendar and contacts). The next step was to purchase a new cell phone and service with web access so I could see my calendar and contacts within my Google account when away from a computer (so long as I have cellular service).

Today I completed that step. I stayed with Verizon and at Costco I purchased an LG enV®3 for $79.99 after a $100 rebate. This is the same price as the phone is advertised at (though there is likely shipping cost if ordered online). I do not know what the pricing is at a Verizon store. Because I am a Costco member the activation fee of ~$30 was waived. Plus Costco threw in a free car charger and carrying case (perhaps another ~$30 value [guessing]). The cost of a plan that includes web access was only $15 above what I had been paying for cellular service.

Therefore, assuming I have not been duped, I now have access to my calendar and contacts with a pocket-sized device for a $79.99 one time fee and a $15 monthly fee (plus tax). Now that I have web access on my phone I can do a lot more than I could do on my Palm, including keeping up with my Google Reader items, sending e-mail, accessing Google maps, and so on.

Of course the view of my calendar and contacts data is no where near as pretty as that provided on my Palm. Nor can I get to it as rapidly. I’m okay with those limitations and pleased that I have dramatically more functionality at what I consider a reasonable price.

(I’ll watch my bill because I don’t trust Verizon not to try to sneak a few extra charges by me. If they do you’ll hear about it on this blog.)

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